This is a Product Introduction to Class VR, there is a Quickstart guide, a User Guide, Lesson Plans, and Additional Resources.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The Benefit of VR/AR in Education

    • What is ClassVR?

    • Keeping Students Safe in VR

  • 2

    Using ClassVR Headsets

    • A Look at the ClassVR Headset

    • Charging and Storage

    • Using a Headset Independently

    • Using Augmented Reality Content with ARC

  • 3

    ClassVR Portal Basics

    • Logging in to the ClassVR Portal

    • Finding and Preparing Content

    • Saving and Sharing Your Playlists

    • Sharing Content with Students

    • Using 360 Videos with ClassVR

    • Using 3D Models with ARCube

  • 4

    Advanced Features of ClassVR

    • Controlling a Subset of ClassVR Headsets

    • Adding Your Own Content

    • Using CoSpaces with ClassVR

    • Using ThingLink with ClassVR

    • Using Explorable Scenes and VRroom

  • 5

    Managing ClassVR (Admin only)

    • Connecting your ClassVR Headsets to Wi-Fi

    • Connecting your ClassVR Headsets to Wi-Fi

    • Enrolling New ClassVR Headsets

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be:

  • Confident with the benefits of using ClassVR in your classroom

  • Able to keep students safe whilst using Class VR adn VR.

  • Able to use the class VR headset.

  • Understand the classVR portal basics.

  • Confident to save and share playlists.

  • Confident with the advanced features.


You will receive a certificate of completion for STREAM Equipment User Guide - CLass VR. You will receive 5 SACE points.


This course is part of our CPTD Bundle.