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Your Teaching CPTD bundle includes:

Here are all the SACE accredited courses that are already included, along with the new courses we are developing and working on.

Learning Objectives

All our courses look to support you by introducing the software or hardware to you, demonstrating how it is used, or how to create with it, we then support it with pedagogical examples of how to use it and where it can be used. Our courses are designed by teachers for teachers.


All our courses are SACE accredited and you will receive a certificate of completion for every course you complete along with the allocated SACE points.


  • Individual subscription: R200.00 / year

  • School subscription (50 teachers and below): R2500.00 / year

  • School subscription (51 teachers and above): R5000.00 / year

Calculate how much your CPTD bundle will cost your school per teacher per year.

This calculator is for the School bundle (if you want to purchase the bundle as an individual teacher please scroll up to the pricing).

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