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Here you can watch any and all live sessions we have attended or delivered that have to do with Ed Tech! A value-add we are bringing to all our CPTD bundle clients.

Our Recorded offerings

  • 1

    Live Streaming content

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Assessment Tools

    • Assess with Edpuzzle

    • Assess with Nearpod

    • Curate with Wakelet

  • 3

    Awesome EdTech Apps

    • Using flippity the FREE editable spreadsheet-based activity creator.

  • 4

    Coding & Robotics

    • Creative Coding through Games and Apps

  • 5

    EdTech for Administrators

    • Using Microsoft tools to support School Administrators

  • 6


    • 5 Creative Ways to Use Google Slides

    • Certify students with certify'em

    • Creating an Add-On Google Apps Script

    • Increasing Critical Thinking Using Google Workspace Apps

    • Send Custom Feedback from a Google Form to a Google Doc Report

    • Teaching with Google Jamboard

  • 7


    • Becoming a MIEE Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

    • Creating automated processes using Microsoft Forms, Flow and Lists

    • Using Microsoft Teams and OneNote Class Notebooks on an iPad

    • Microsoft Certified Educator: Fast Track

    • Practical planning for a new or existing digital strategy

    • Why choose Microsoft A3 or A5 licensing

  • 8


    • The Educator Sessions_ Using Games in Learning

    • The Educator Sessions_ Introduction to Minecraft Education Edition

    • The Educator Sessions_ The Beginners Guide

    • The Educator Sessions_ The Advanced Guide

  • 9

    Other EdTech Stuff

    • Social Media in the classroom

    • Quick Tips in primary school EdTech

    • EdTech Essentials Part 1: Curating Resources and Expanding Classroom Walls

    • EdTech Essentials Part 2: Creation and Collaboration with Digital Tools

    • EdTech Essentials Part 3: Assessment and Goal Setting

    • Evaluating English Language Arts Lessons Using PICRAT and SAMR

  • 10

    SMART Board

    • Collaborate with Lumio

    • Quick Collaborative Activities You Can Create in 15 Minutes


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