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The objectives of this course are to give any and all students the platform to build their drama careers on. This course covers all the basics you need to know about drama. Even if you know nothing - this is the perfect starting point. In further courses, we will build on this foundational phase. At the completion of the Beginners Drama Course, you will be able to identify the right facial expressions for drama, incorporate the right body language, use the right movements, and implement all of the above on a stage. You will understand a stage layout and how to move around. After you have completed this course and have done all the activities you will also have a better understanding of how to incorporate all the above-mentioned topics simultaneously. This Beginners Course will also prepare you for the next level courses that will follow.


Although this beginners course does not require much, you would benefit from having the following - a water bottle - enough space (At least 3x3 meters) - a lot of enthusiasm - hair out of your face (Tied back preferably) You do not need any previous experience in drama to participate in this course! This is truly for the beginner who knows nothing about drama. Great to have - Your laptop/ phone/ device from which you are looking at the course - keep a charger close - Water bottle - Enough space (3x3 m) - Mirror - Comfortable clothes - Hair be tied up or out of your face - All drama for kids is preferably barefoot - A lot of enthusiasm and energy In this course you do not need: - Drama blocks - Props - Mime gloves *These will be discussed in further Modules. Can't wait to see you!


  • You will get a certificate of completion.