Using MS365 tried and tested free apps to make lessons effortlessly fun.

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Intro Video

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Hybrid Introduction Video

  • 2

    Hybrid Hacks

    • Outlook Calendar & Microsoft Teams

    • Class Notebook with OneNote

    • Get a Kahoot!

    • Quizlet

    • Demonstrate understanding with Flipgrid

    • Student Demonstrations with Flipgrid

    • aWAKEN engagement

    • #thatPOWER of collaboration through Wakelet

    • Microsoft Forms

    • Collaborative PowerPoint, Sway, and Word documents

    • Minecraft Education Edition

    • That's a wrap!

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Make use of their Outlook Calendar and Microsoft Teams to schedule Remote, Hybrid, and In-Person lessons.

  • Use their OneNote Class Notebook for collaborative learning practices.

  • Create Kahoot! Interactive Quizzes for teaching and learning activities.

  • Create and share Quizlet tasks for teaching and learning activities.

  • Use Flipgrid effectively with students.

  • Use Wakelet in the creation of engaging electronic learning material.

  • Make use of Microsoft Forms in the collection of summative and formative assessment tasks.

  • Create and understand the benefits of collaborative learning tasks in Microsoft Sway, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Understand the benefits of using Minecraft Education Edition in Hybrid Learning and sharing lessons with remote learners.


You will receive a certificate of completion for Hybrid Hacks with MS365. You will receive 5 SACE points.